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Reflections of a NAVY Chief's Career

Popeye CPO Honor, Courage Commitment Patch Popeye

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Co. 920, Recruit Training Center
San Diego, CA
APR 81

Any guys in Co. 920: if you knuckleheads read this, email me here.

BE/E, Naval Training Center
San Diego, CA
JUL 81

Had a great time in San Diego! Saw The Kinks in concert and got a ticket for jaywalking on the way there!

EM Class "A" School, Naval Training Center
Great Lakes, IL
SEP 81

Crabby, sorry about that. Would you believe that Yelverton remembered?

Class 8202, Navy Nuclear Power School
Orlando, FL
DEC 81

Great education if you can handle the stress.

APL-31, Happy Acres, SUBRON 16
Kings Bay, GA
MAR 82

Bernadette, I wish I could've gotten to know you better. I hope you're okay and that you found your Clint Eastwood.

The Navy's Finest Submarine Rescue Ship
Charleston, SC
MAR 84


Cass, it was good talking with you after all these years! Email me here!

Navy Recruiting District
Philadelphia, PA
SEP 86

Ha! What a JOKE! Never again in a billion years (at least not without getting proper compensation)!

The Navy's Finest Guided Missle Frigate
Mayport, FL
MAR 90


In the short two and a half years I was aboard, we went to Rio, Chile, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands (with frequent trips to Amsterdam, of course!), Denmark, Germany (went to Falkenstein, my first totally nude beach), Norway, Scotland and England.

Initiated CPO PatchCPO Initiated and Proud PatchInitiated CPO Patch

Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity
Mayport, FL
DEC 92

Made Chief at SIMA Mayport, a great place to finish up a career. Thanks to CDR Charlie Murphy, the best CO I ever had, and the fantastic folks in the SIMA Safety Office: LCDR Joseph Campisano, RM1 Frank Damato, BM2 Becky Bernhard, EM1 Bob Willett, ETCS Bob Hodges, GMG1(?) Gary Deutschendorf (sorry Gary, I forgot your rating), HTC Rick Welsch, and, of course Emma! All things considered, it was a good twenty years and there isn't much I'd change.

Retirement Ceremony 16 APR 97

Retired 30 JUN 97

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This The CPO Anchor Chain site owned by
EMC(SW) John M. Taylor, USN, RET.
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